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  • UL-VD Laser Cutting System

    UL-VD series is a high-precision laser cutting system which equipped with DSLR camera system, plus software function could capture the whole working pieces image on cutting area via DSLR camera at a time and automatically analyze to recognize the contour, then accurately position for cutting without additional hand-works.
    No need to design cutting file, automatically recognize the printed pattern contour.
    500mm/s high-speed laser cutting, keep accuracy edge cutting.
    Suitable for all kinds of digital printed fabric, including football jersey, swimming suit, cycling clothing, team wear, fashion jersey and printed vamp etc.
  • UL-K Series DSLR Vision Knife Cutting System

    This digital knife cutting system made by high quality components and state-of-the-art electronics, maximum reliability, high cutting capability and accuracy. perfect to satisfy any cutting need for a large variety of materials like carbon fiber, glass fiber, Kevlar fabric, textile, leather, packaging, composite and TechTex etc.
    Intelligent control technology and precision mechanics, excellent productivity and unsurpassed cut quality.
    Designed for mass production, the cutting system is uniquely qualified for industrial use and multi-shift, 24/7 operation. 
    Energy-efficient, adjustable vacuum generators provide optimal material hold-down. VFD technology help to reduce power consumption.
  • UL-GS Laser Cutting System

    UL-GS series is a compact model with max. processing area 1300x900mm, which is widely used for most of popular applications such as garment, leather, toy, computer embroidery, electronics, handcraft, advertisement, decoration, package materials, paper products, etc.
    Rigid mechanical structure, even in high-speed cutting. 
    Special design with Honey-comb + Knife-strip double working platform.
  • UL-GM Laser Cutting System

    UL-GM series is a model which is up to 4 laser heads available and well-prepared for most of popular applications. It's widely used in garment, leather, toy, computer embroidery, handcraft, advertisement, decoration, building upholster, package materials, paper products, etc.
    Equipped with the digital control, rugged mechanics and software specialized on the cutting of textile and fabrics.
    Suitable for automatic production with high performance, productivity and reliability, adding up to a lower cost of owner-ship.
  • UL-GL Laser Cutting System

    UL-GL series is a model for large-size with processing area up to 3200x8000mm, it's suitable for continues production and the applications in the fields of laser cutting for large size materials of flag, banner, industrial filter fabrics, sofa and car cushion, etc.
    Design with UniSmartCut controller for improving the performance, dedicated speed controller software design ensures fast and stable moving.
    Give the user higher acceleration and speed in large size materials processing.
  • UL-VC Laser Cutting System

    UL-VC series high-precision vision laser cutting system is a model with CCD camera positioning and analysis system, with specialist software could positions the laser beam according to fiducial marks and automatically recognize the contour, then accurately position for cutting without any additional hand-works.
    Automatic recognition with smart compensation of printing inaccuracies.
    Customize worktable size accepted, support large format printing cutting of 3200mm width.
    Suitable for all kinds of digital printed fabric, including football jersey, swimming suit, cycling clothing, team wear, fashion jersey and etc.
  • UL-FC Automatic Feed Conveyor

    The feeding unit is a roller feed type conveyor, allowing further automation of textile laser processing. The material is forwarded from the roller to the laser system where it is cut or engraved. The automatic edge control of the feeding unit ensures a constant material alignment and thus continuously precise high quality cuts – meter by meter.
    The material feed is stretching-free, and the contactless laser processing leads to excellent results.
    An increase in productivity for loading and unloading during the cutting process.
    Accurate placement of the workpiece through automatic edge control with the feeding unit.
  • UL-GS-F Fiber Laser Marking System

    UL-GS-F series fiber laser marking machine has compact design, inside air cooling system to minimize the power consumption, 100000 hours maintenance free. Mark on metal and various non-metal surfaces; especially meet the requirement of high precision.
    Integrated structure with auto focusing technology and easy operational design.
    Beam quality is much better than traditional solid-state laser marking machine, the diameter of focusing spot is less than 20um.
    No need any special maintenance, long working life design.
  • UL-GS-R CO2 Laser Marking System

    UL-GS-R series CO2 laser marking machine with sealed optical system. Equipped with RF CO2 tube in high quality beam, stable power output and long working lifetime. And high-speed galvanometer scanning system with features of compact structure, dust proof, easy installation, anti-interference capability etc.
    Red beam positioning system, accurate processing, reduce waste rate of materials.
    Powerful graphics edit function, color image to mark directly, also support color to gray conversion.
    Touch-less processing, low pollution, no abrasion.
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Digital Knife Cutting System

Digital Knife Cutting System

Speedy laser cutting in sublimated sportswear

Speedy laser cutting in sublimated sportswear

Laser cutting systems

Laser cutting systems

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