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Vision Laser Cutting Sublimation Fabric Sublimation ​Sportswear 2019-7-30 22:23:08 1

Vision Laser Cutting Sublimation Fabric, Sublimation Sportswear 
Versatile - A variety Non-metal materials suitable for cutting, like most of textile and fabrics, polyester, cotton, microfiber, polyamide, PVC, vinyl, etc.
High Speed - Laser cutting speed reaches up to 800 mm/s.
High Productivity – 500-800 sets sportswear per day (8Hours).
Fully Automatic Process - Automated production process with conveyor and auto-feeding system, optimized sequenced process includes: Sublimation fabric feeding,  vision recognition, contour extraction, contour cutting, Sublimation fabric feeding .
Precise - High precision, smooth cutting edge, no fraying, automatic sealed edges.
Clean - Non-contact cutting process. No yellow, No dark, No burn.
Cost Down – Save materials, save labor cost and delivery quickly with controlable.
Digital Printing – Sublimation Fabric Laser Cutting System with best price
AI vision recognition technology - 3 seconds to finish the vision recognition of large size area 1.5m x 3m . the camera can quickly capture the printed fabric, or stripes, plaids fabric by real-time picture and the cutting path data transfer to cutting machine. After cutting all printed pattern on table, program will control the system repeat the same process.
Specializes - in the processing of elastic material, because of laser non-contact cutting technology. Cutting edge clean, soft, tidy, automatic sealing edge, high accuracy.