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Laser Marking Solution for Textile/Garment/Sports Industry 2020-1-19 22:26:29 1

Laser Marking Solution for Textile/Garment/Sports Industry

Laser marking is among the fastest direct marking technologies available on the market today. Laser marking is a no-touch technology, meaning that there is limited need for positioning jigs.

CO2, UV, ND:YAG, and fiber laser markers can mark on almost any material including metal(Steel, Stainless steel, Chrome, Aluminum, Magnesium, Lead, Tin, Copper), plastic(Polyethylene, PVC, Others), glass, cardboard, Textile/Fabric and more.

Laser marking is most commonly used for permanently mark, etch, or engrave onto parts and products for tracking and traceability purposes.

In textile/garment/sports/shoes industry,there are many special production need to be prepared/made by this processing technology which specialist know-how by Unikonex Technologies, for example, heat transfer-film kiss-cutting or logo pattern cutting, creative design engrave or cutting for fashions.

Unikonex Technologies new released the affordable cost-effective 3D laser marking system, this latest 3D dynamic laser system with optimized optical parts and control system, its really suitable for the demand application in Textile/Garment/Sports Industry.

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