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Features of Sublimation Digital Printing 2022-9-20 11:57:10 1

Compared to traditional printing and dyeing processes, it has the following characteristics:

1.The production process of sublimation printing considerably shortens the route of the original process, the receipt of orders is rapid, and the cost of proofreading is greatly reduced.

Since the production process of digital printing is free of the traditional printing processes of color separation, drawing, shooting, and screen-making during production, the production time is considerably reduced. The mode of acceptance can be transmitted over the network..In general, proofreading takes no more than one working day, while traditional proofreading cycles are generally around a week.

Moreover, the cost of proof is greatly reduced due to the simplification of the procedure..The shortening of the proofing cycle and the reduction of proofing costs, under the rule of market competition that time is money and efficiency is life, will undoubtedly lead to more market opportunities for businesses.

2.The principles of digital printing technology allow its products to break through the traditional production limitations of color registration and flower return length, and enable textile fabrics to achieve high-grade printing effects.

Because digital printing technology can use digital patterns, color measurement, color matching, and jet printing can be carried out by computer, so that the color of digital printing products can theoretically reach 16.7 million, breaking through the color registration limit of traditional textile printing and dyeing patterns, especially in color printing. In printing high-precision patterns such as gradients and moire, digital printing has a technological advantage that is unmatched. In addition, the traditional printing patterns are frequently limited by the length of "flowers", while the concept of "flowers" may not exist in the process of digital printing, which greatly expands the space for textile pattern design and improves the grade of products.

3.Sublimated digital printing production truly achieves a small-batch and fast-response production process, with production batches not subject to any restrictions.

Since the digital printing production process is fully computerized, the production flexibility is greatly increased and some products can even be delivered on the same day, which is immediately desirable. In addition, due to the application of computer technology, printing a series of patterns of the same pattern with different tones, and the designer's continuous modification of the color of the pattern during the production process has become a major technical advantage of digital printing production that is different from traditional printing production.

4 High-precision printing processes make the use of water and color pasting unnecessary during the printing process.

The use of dyes in the printing process is "distributed on demand" by the computer, so that there is no waste of dyeing materials and no waste water in the printing process, and no noise is generated during the printing process controlled by the computer. It does not produce pollution and realizes the green production process, so that the production of textile printing can get rid of the production process of high energy consumption, high pollution and high noise in the past, and realize the production process of low energy consumption and pollution-free, which brings great advantages to the production of textile printing and dyeing. A technological revolution.

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